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Our Mission

The Carmela Foundation works to educate young people on the principles of personal financial management and success. In doing so, we will enhance their lives and the lives of others.

Why does it Matter?

In America, the global land of opportunity, too many adults lack the fundamental skills for handling their finances. Since it is difficult to teach “old dogs” new tricks, and there may not be enough time to meaningfully help them, this foundation exists in order to reach young people as they begin to experience handling their own money for the first time. The work of this organization is based on the idea that humans make their own habits and then their habits make them.

It is the goal of The Carmela Foundation to give young people the opportunity to learn about and embrace habits that have proven to help other successful people live fulfilled lives free from worry about their finances. Possessing the fundamental principles of personal financial management early in life will empower and inspire youth to accomplish exceptional things for themselves, their families, and their communities.

How it Works

The Carmela Course covers topics like financial independence, making good money habits, and The ABC’s of Financial Success. Carmela Graduates can go on to apply for college scholarships! Click here for more information.

To get started on your path to future financial success, fill out our online enrollment form or send us an email at!

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